Tah the Trickster is a 30-year-old self-published author and poet. They were born and raised in middle Georgia, and have lived there for most of their life following 5 years of study in Information Technology and Creative Writing. They have three small but extraordinarily vocal housecats.

Besides writing, Tah also has a great deal of werewolf opinions, and will not hesitate to tell you all about them if you get them started on it. If you would like to hear about these opinions, you can often find them in great detail on their Twitter page.


You may notice that Tah tends to use the pronoun "they" as a singular when referring to themselves. This is because Tah the Trickster (as stated on the main page) is a queer author. They are actually genderfluid, and typically agender on top of that. They don't fit comfortably into the gender binary, and as such they don't use typically-gendered pronouns to talk about themselves. So Tah typically uses the singular "they" to talk about themselves.

Thank you for your respect and understanding!