Trickster Tales

Trickster Tales

Trickster Tales is Tah‘s first collection of short stories, written between 2011 and 2016 and published in 2016.

It is collection of short stories touching on a broad range of genres including horror, sci fi, romance, fantasy, and realistic fiction. Selections include:

  • "The Collector." Reaping isn‘t easy, but hey, someone‘s gotta do it.
  • "Send Us Home." The last flight of the Space Force Militia.
  • "Smile for the Camera." I found an old cambera, but... something‘s wrong.
  • "Instability." A world-weary hitchhiker and her princess.
  • "Kyloth." Kyloth was a modern sort of dragon.
  • "worldSim." They sought to determine if the world was a simulation...
  • "Snowmelt." It was surprisingly cold for a mild spring day.
  • "Smile." C‘mon. Just one. Just smile for me.
  • "Project F.U.Z.Y. (Excerpt)." The world‘s already ended, and the lycan race with it. Mostly.

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